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Auckland Alliance is New Zealand’s premier exterior house washing and commercial cleaning service where no job is too big or too small. From the smallest house to the largest commercial building Wash Auckland Alliance is your best choice. Take your time to browse through our services and request a personalized quote to suit your needs and requirements.  We take pride in saying that we provide the best house washing in Auckland. 

We opt for a soft wash process so that there is no damage to your property and also use the water blasting technique to remove the difficult stains. Once you sign up with us, we will make sure that we deliver what we promised. We offer a very professional house washing service that you can bank on. So, contact us for the best house washing services in Auckland.

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We are an Auckland based company with over 10 years experience in the industry and we specialise in the cleaning of all exterior surfaces.
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  • We have the experience, the equipment & the passion to do the job right!
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  • We’ll respect your property. We clean all surfaces as gently as we can; we step lightly through your gardens so as not to disturb plants; and if we move anything we put it right back where we found it
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We provide a 100% Guarantee on all our services. If you are not completely satisfied with the final result of the job, you pay Nothing!

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Roof Treatment

It is vital to keep your roof clean and in good condition. We have a strong experience when it comes to roof cleaning. Our friendly, uniformed technicians are trained to clean all types of roofs, safely and effectively.


Exterior house wash

Most of the exterior walls are Soft Washed from canal to ground level including outside drains/gushing/downpipes, overhang/soffits, entrance nooks, joinery and base of house.


window cleaning

We are an expert in washing your windows. Our staff is trained with highest standards which results to highest quality of work. We do interior and exterior window cleaning with hands where it is safe.


Gutter cleaning

When was the last time you checked your gutters? Don’t worry, our team will inspect the state of your gutters and discuss the actual condition. Cleaning gutters adds to long term asset value by keeping your property clean.


Driveway & Pavement wash

We at Auckland Alliance use high pressure water blasting equipment which is the best for cleaning flat surfaces such as paving stones and concrete. We provide safe, friendly and affordable services.


Fence and deck cleaning

We at Auckland Alliance take the pride of cleaning fences and decks. We take care of the Kiwi house and provide them with sustainable solutions.

Exterior House Cleaning Auckland

  1. We do salt based cleaning which removes mould and fungus along with killing mould spores, thereby retarding the return of green algae and black fungus.
  2. A grease cutting citrus solution which breaks down diesel fumes from buses/trucks along with road dust and BBQ splatter.
  3. We use all the environmentally friendly neutral detergent which is dissolved in general dirt and dust.

After applying all the three washing techniques we wash off the same surfaces on LOW pressure water in a wide soft fan. The wash is so soft you can run your hand under it): Soft Wash. All exterior glass is flushed off with fresh water to remove residue Older timber window and door have a tendency to leak when washed, so we do hand clean around timber joinery with a soft brush and hose. Just to make certain we avoid any water egrees we recommend you put old towels down on the inside sills to minimise potential leakage. This is not necessary for aluminium joinery.  

So, if you are looking for the best house washing services in Auckland, contact us right away.

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